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Five Pillars

Rooted In Innovation, Creativity, And The Sharing Of Knowledge And IdeasCPAs are knowledge workers, and our advisors develop our firm's intellectual capital to invest it into our clients. When you think of CPAs, innovation and creativity may not be what comes to mind, but we’re here to shift the paradigm.
Always There For Our Small BusinessesAll Advisory Services Packages include unlimited meetings, phone calls, and customized services with no hourly rates. We don’t leave a “meter running.” Instead, we maximize our added value and continuously work with you to tackle what's next.
Effective AccountingWe harness cutting-edge technology and software to provide accurate, no-hassle, effective accounting. Our advisors help you minimize your transactional work so you can focus your time and effort on running your business — not stressing over your books.
Financial Statement Analysis MeetingsAccounting is its own language, so our advisors will translate it for you. But we don’t just provide information. We provide perspective on your financial data, painting a clear picture of where you are now, where you could go, and how to get there.
Proactive Tax PlanningProactive tax planning is a year-round endeavor. Our advisors revisit your tax plan regularly to ensure we deploy the best tax strategies throughout the year, taking advantage of all eligible deductions and credits. With our proactive planning, tax season won’t be a jarring surprise.
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We Help You Create and Protect Wealth

Through the combination of these five tenets, Adams & Associates Accounting Advisors aims to ensure that your experience with our team is beyond satisfactory. Ultimately, we're here to be your end-to-end accounting solution so you can rest assured that your finances are safe with us. Whether you're hiring us to file this year's taxes or are in search of a long-term business advisor, we combine our years of experience in the field with our drive to deliver value to businesses, both big and small. You can trust that our multi-faceted approach will provide the competitive edge you need to succeed!

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